December Promos – Cursed on Tour – Books to Win!

Two blogs in one day?  Yes, dear reader!  There’s a lot going on in December.

Cursed_300x400Earlier this morning I announced my new short story, Yankee Swap, was free today.  Jump over to my previous blog for more information.  Reading this blog past December 9?  No problem, it’s only 99cents and I will be running free days during December since its a holiday short story.

Now I want to announce that today starts my book tour with Paranormal Cravings.  I had DOUBLE the number of reviewers promised and my first review today was a 5 star review! Excerpt from this morning’s review:

“Lynn Ricci has set a beautiful stage for her dark romantic tale. From the historical home to the isolation of a fierce winter storm at Christmas, two people connect and one is finally able to share the burden he has carried for decades. The feeling is pure magic, the flawless slide from the stories of the past to the present day retelling is, in and of itself haunting and romantic.” — Tome Tender Book Blog

But that’s not all! As part of the tour, I am giving away one signed paperback of Cursed and 2 kindle copies to lucky winners. I am eagerly, and a bit anxiously, awaiting the other nine reviews expected this week. You can follow along and check the reviews by visiting the Review Page.

Also, since a lot of the book Cursed is set in the holiday season, Cursed is listed with StoryFinds with a first chapter to check out tomorrow, December 10, as part of their Holiday Theme Week.  And, if you like the cover, they have a cover contest that Cursed is entered into for the following week – December 15-21.

winter2013short2Last, but certainly not least, I am part of the Night Owl Reviews Winter Scavenger Hunt where you can play along with a selection of authors, fill in the blanks to be entered into a drawing and each author is offering gift baskets to lucky winners.  You can learn more about the NOR Scavenger hunt by visiting my website.

If you decide to get involved with any of these fun holiday promotions for Cursed, or download the holiday short Yankee Swap, I hope you enjoy, wish you good luck with the contests, and, dear reader . . .

Happy reading and happy holidays!

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Free Kindle Short Story Dec 9 only: Yankee Swap

As the show and ice mix descends on the Boston area, Yankee Swap – my holiday short story – goes FREE for the day on Amazon Kindle.


Yankee Swap is a short contemporary romance that features Claire Singleton, a woman on hiatus from men after another bad break up.  Claire is not feeling the Christmas spirit this year and not looking forward to the company Yankee Swap.  After being dragged to the holiday party by her colleagues, Claire says just a little too much to the wrong guy.

A fun romance for the holidays ~ download today before it returns to $0.99!

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Small Business Saturday – New Holiday Release


In honor of Small Business Saturday, I am happy to release a new short story: Yankee Swap.  It’s a fun romance set around the Christmas holidays and I will be offering it through Amazon KDP.

As you think about and plan your attack for this years holiday shopping . .  . think local, think small!

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My Books are on Pinterest

My Books are on Pinterest

Postcards of my two novels: The Dating Intervention and Cursed.

English: Red Pinterest logo

a tortured soul

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Paranormal Month is a Beautiful Yet Slightly Creepy Time of the Year

cropped-704381_278527102249873_1285116128_o.jpgImagine you are a young girl, on your own in a strange new city, moving into a magnificent brownstone with dark secrets running through its walls.  And, you have a beautiful woman showing up wherever you are – desperately wanting to be your friend but her smile makes you shiver. Now imagine your landlord is hideously deformed, keeps a hermit lifestyle, and has strict orders not to look directly at him – yet you find yourself doing just that.  Someone is Cursed – but who?

In celebration of what is officially paranormal month, I thought I would offer a first chapter sample of my paranormal romance, Cursed.  The book starts out during October, a beautiful time of the year here in Boston with the trees ablaze in oranges, reds and bright yellow against the bluest skies imaginable.  But behind this beauty is death; the leaves turn brown and fall and an icy coldness sets in.

Cursed has received a Top Pick honor from Night Owl Reviews, has hit the top 10 for kindle select downloads for paranormal/occult, and maintains a 4.5 star rating on Amazon since its release last December.

Chapter One is available here for your reading pleasure and if you want to continue, please visit Amazon for a paperback or kindle download.  What’s better than a creepy story, a vengeful witch, and a curse for weekend read during Halloween month?

Hope you enjoy!

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“. . . a book to be savored.”

I have a bad habit.  I’ve tried to break it several times but its so easy to slip back into it . . .  I plug my mobile phone in next to my bed at night.  I am one of those people that wake up during the night and sometimes come up with whole scenes for a book, or figure out why a character needs to act a certain way or how to make that leap in the book where the dots connect. Sometimes I redecorate or redesign rooms in my house in my head.  Or watch a rerun of NCIS or House . . . but without fail, if my phone is next to my bed, I check it.

This morning that middle-of-the-night wake-up came late . . .  around 4:00am.  And when it did, I checked my phone and found a great surprise waiting for me! A 4.5 out of 5.0 review for Cursed from Night Owl Reviews.  That lands my book in their Top Pick category and I was thrilled to see it – and wanted to share.


Sara Carter moved into the beautiful Brownstone on the South end of Boston looking forward to starting her new job the following Monday. Mason Brown, her landlord and a mystery, pulls on her sympathy for his deformity and loneliness yet his gentleness and manners makes her think of old world charm. How little did she know she was right to think that. Cursed is the story of a witch’s curse, the destruction of a talented and beautiful young woman, and a love that time could not dim.

ImageI found that Lynn Ricci has written a book that needs to be read slowly so as not to miss any of nuances. Readers need to not rush to the end. Although it was a bit confusing on what Mason’s problem was, after the third chapter I didn’t care because I was too busy enjoying reading Mason and Catherine’s personal story. Where they right? I don’t know, but it sure makes a great bit of fiction.

If I had to pick a favorite part it would be the first meeting between Mason and Sarah, all others would never look directly at Mason Brown because they were repulsed by his scars and disfigurations. Sarah could not help her eyes being drawn to him and did not feel revulsion or pity when she looked at him.

There is much in this story to appeal to those who enjoy a paranormal story. There are mythical beings, a witch, curses, counter-curses and as a bonus there is even a romantic angle.

Take a chance on Lynn Ricci’s Cursed, it is truly a book to be savored. 4.5 Stars – Top Pick!

My plan it to get it out next month on the other ebook platforms such as Nook, Apple, Sony, Kobo etc but for now, you can get the paperback or Kindle version on Amazon.

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Do You Decide Setting Based on Where You Know or Where you Want To Go?



I have a bit of wanderlust.  Always have since I was very young and would read books set in far away lands.  I would love to travel the world – but I would settle for Europe.  Partly, because that was where my ancestors hailed from – Italy, Germany, Ireland, somewhere in Scandanavia . . . (yes, I am a mutt.) The funny thing is, I have been over seas a number of times but never visited those countries but did see some incredible other places.

Since I do not have any trips abroad planned soon, I tend to write what I know when building my worlds and choosing settings.  My books are primarily based in the Boston area, or at least New England.  And when I do use another location, its more of a backdrop than big part of the story since I don’t feel qualified to do the location justice.

ImageI am heading off to Chatham, MA today.  Chatham is located on the elbow of Cape Cod and it is my “happy place”.  It’s there that I get a lot of inspiration for my other passion, painting.  So, its no wonder that I have been toying with the idea of a book set there.  I have even named the story that is playing out in my head – Summer of The Yellow Umbrella.  I am thinking that in all the years I have been traveling to Chatham, I have only been there once in the winter (New Years Eve they hold the Cape’s version of First Night)  But I think I need to get the feel for other seasons when there are no tourists clogging the streets, when the town drops by half in population, and basically goes back to normal.  I need to plan another trip for this fall!

I wonder how many authors need to visit their settings to get the real flavor of the community?  How many can just pick a city that they are unfamiliar with because it works for their story and just write about the setting?  Or, how many are like me that only write about the area where they live and feel they know? 

And if you want to check out more really cool pictures of book sculptures by wetcanvas – see more on their deviantart page.

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