An Interview on Writing Romances

Earlier this week, Chris from the blog TheWriteChris invited me by for an interview.  I thought that was pretty cool since it came out of nowhere.  Chris’ blog deals with all aspects of writing and is geared towards those who love to write and read about the craft of writing and publishing.  I think it will be a good blog to watch!

I thought I would share a little from the interview.  If you want to read the whole interview, or check out some of her other blogs, visit here:TheWriteChris

What made you decide to take the plunge and write a novel?

Writing a novel was something I always wanted to do but more so after my mom and I were cleaning out my paternal grandmothers’ apartment and I came across a green leather, zippered journal.  My grandmother was 92 at the time she passed and this was a snapshot of her life at 16, moving from the woods of Maine to NYC during the roaring 20s.  And there was a story in those pages – one I still want to fictionalize and tell.

You’ve released two novels – one in August and the second in December. Do you write that fast or have these been in the process for some time?

The first novel, The Dating intervention, was started long before my second novel, Cursed. The Dating Intervention took about two years to the point when I released it, but Cursed was already well underway at that point.  More



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