The Voices Told Me To Do It . . .

“Many people hear voices when no-one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up on rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing.”

— Meg Chittenden

Writers like to write.  What most of us do not like to do is market our work.  Why? Well, because we like to write.  And, if we are busy marketing, we are not answering the cries of those characters inside our heads fighting to get out.

Those characters and sometimes even previous characters that come back to tell more of their story don’t understand that you need to work on guest blogs and interviews.  Or that you should be interacting with the community at large on forums and discussion groups, spending your time scouring the internet for the right sites to target your readers, setting up distribution channels and writing the perfect blurb to catch a readers attention, and using social media to its fullest.  No, those characters are whispering in your ear the next great story and keeping you up at night acting out scenes in your head so you will get back to your keyboard.

And the voices sometimes can come at the most inopportune time.  When you are driving and can not write down that perfect speech they just gave in your head. Or when you are in shower and debate getting out -shampoo still in hair – to write down the way a clue works into the overall story.  Or in my case when I am at my day job – the one that pays the bills – and I try like hell to tell those voices to save that thought until later when I can focus on them.  Because, you see, these characters are like children.  They want your attention and they want it NOW.  And they don’t understand sometimes that there are other things going on in your world.

The best thing to do?  Give in.  Obviously, if YOUR voices are telling you to do something wrong like murder your neighbor over that branch hanging into your yard you need to go and get help to make those voices go away.  Those are bad voices.  If you are a writer, however, you have got to get to a pen, pencil or keyboard and get the story out.  And, if you are seeing these scenes and hearing snippets of conversations and you are not a writer – perhaps you have found your calling?


About Lynn Ricci

A mother, author, artist and lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and the beach.
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