The Trouble with Pirates . . .

As a writer of contemporary and paranormal romances, you probably wouldn’t see a pirate on one of my book covers – not unless he was a ghost pirate or maybe had a curse on him to forever sail the seven seas and never set foot on land.  But I haven’t written anything like that.  Yet.  There are other types of romances, however, where you would see the bare chested pirate on the cover, holding the beautiful woman close with a beautiful sunset in the background.  Why?  Because it draws in women.

Women think pirates are sexy – they were the original bad boy that women want to tame.  Men think pirates are cool – they get to swing swords around and pick up wenches in every port.  But I am getting off subject . . .

REAL pirates are not sexy, cool or have magical charms to pick up women.  They are the bottom feeders.  The ones that want to steal  and live off others hard work.  Don’t think Johnny Depp – think parasites.

Am I being a little harsh?  No, not really.  Since I am a writer, and put a lot of time and energy into writing my books, paying out of pocket for editing services and book covers, and giving up my summer days on the beach as an investment to get my book out into the world — it gets my blood boiling to find my books listed on these sites – ready to download to the public for free – or even worse they are making the money!  If I wanted to offer it for free, I would. And I don’t want someone else to make a profit.  Since I am hoping it will support my family as a single mother and grow into a “business” — then I want to be clear – these “pirates” should all walk the plank. No black flag, no parley.  Arrrrrgh!

There was chatter in an online writers group on this subject and I created the image below.  I then retweeted a blog yesterday and that retweet was picked up by an online pub.  That blog talks more about pirating, what it means to writers and how to stop it.  You can read the full blog here: The Helpful Writer

Bottom line – the general public needs to be aware and educated that although it may be free to download these pirated books — in doing so you are hurting the very same author whose work you are enjoying.  Image

Think about it – support authors – and only purchase from reputable sites.


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A mother, author, artist and lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and the beach.
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4 Responses to The Trouble with Pirates . . .

  1. Doug says:

    Great point!! People don’t look at it as “stealing” but I do. I won’t buy bootleg anything. I want the artist to get paid for my enjoyment of their product whether it be music, art or a book.

  2. Jean Oram says:

    Love the image!! And thanks for the shout out about my post on The Helpful Writer. Thankfully, Amazon seems to have some pretty good pirating controls in place and nobody purchased a pirated copy before its removal. Whew! But as writers we need to keep an eye out and as readers, we also need to be careful. I’ve recently heard that a lot of ‘free’ sites that have pirated books are really after our personal information, credit card info, as well as placing malware on our computers when we go to their site for that freebie. So saving $2.99 on a book can end up costing the reader so much more! And that is not good. Not at all. I’d much rather give my readers free copies than have them fall victim to some scam.

  3. Lynn Ricci says:

    Thanks Jean – I am glad to hear no one actually made money from selling your book other than you! I Googled my own book and found it listed on a number of sites. Most were free and I have heard a lot about those sites being set up to steal personal information. Scary . . .

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