Past Lives / Past Loves – The Flicker of Recognition

A few weeks ago I wrote a guest blog over at Luna Haven Reviews about one of the central themes of my novel Cursed – love that travels across time through reincarnation.  Although reincarnation is only alluded to in the back cover blurb, it is a big part of the story.

I have included the main body of the blog below – but suggest you can also check out the post on Lunar Haven where you will also find an excerpt of Cursed for your reading pleasure!


Reincarnation by ~Fionnsgeullass
Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Fantasy

Love’s Flicker of Recognition

Reincarnation has always given me mixed feelings – on one level, without focusing too much on the religious element, it is the feeling of hope and second chances, learning and growing over the course of multiple lives.  But on the other hand, it’s a little disturbing wondering if you have walked on this earth before in another body.  And what kind of person were you? The whole idea makes you wonder if those quick feelings of deja vu, strange dreams, “clicking” with certain people, or even skills like art, music or sports are remnants left in you from a previous life.

The idea of reincarnation is often romanticized with the thought of star-crossed lovers.   And Mason and Sarah, the main characters in Cursed, may be just that due to a witch who lived for a short time in the brownstone during the late 1800’s — the same brownstone where Mason and Sarah live today. That witch thought she ended things, but does love really end?

Reincarnation brings romance into finding your soul mate.  Why are they your soul mate?  Were hearts given to each other in a past life? Had a promise been made to love forever?  Was the love that pure that it can have a flicker of some unexplained recognition in someone’s eyes?

As I was writing this blog, I started wondering about reincarnation and past lives in music.  No songs were immediately jumping out at me – not as much as songs about witchcraft – but I started searching.  What I found was there are quite a few songs that touch on reincarnation  – Deja Vu from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Secret Separation by The Fixx; I See Houses by The Verve but one that really captured my attention was from an artist I would never have expected – singer, songwriter and rapper Ke$ha. 

Ke$ha recently wrote and released a song called Past Lives.  It was a softer side of Ke$ha; more of a ballad that starts off with We were lovers in a past life, I can see it in your green eyes.  The song talks about lovers finding themselves together time after time.  I really enjoyed it and felt it connected well with the love story in my book and would make a good soundtrack. You can find it on YouTube or by clicking here: Past Lives by Ke$ha .  Hope you enjoy it, too!

So, I guess the question I leave you with is have you ever felt that immediate connection with someone?  Had deja vu? Walked into a new place/city and felt you had seen it before?  Could it be a remnant from a past life?


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