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Yes, we authors are a busy breed.  Some of us have families, some of us work full time, some of us have other things going on like university, sports, working out, or other hobbies. And some of us have all of the above.  And besides carving out time trying to perfect our novel, we also spend time maintaining a large and ever expanding social media presence on multiple social networks.

I recently added SlideShare to the basic laundry list of Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, YouTube, and this Blog.  Before you slap your head and sigh about yet another social medium to explore and check every day – this is an easy, painless, and maintenance free way to be found by professionals.  Do you want to speak at conferences, or be contacted for articles on self-publishing, or even just can’t miss the opportunity to be everywhere?  SlideShare can help.

“With 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views, it is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world.”


SlideShare can be an important part of your content marketing strategy as it allows you to upload presentations such as Powerpoint, documents or videos and convert the file into a shareable, searchable slidecast that can be scrolled through no matter if you have the software or not.  Think about it like pdf documents – you just need the free downloadable pdf reader in order to see the document no matter what format it was originally created in. For successful content marketing keep it:

  1. —Visual – graphics & charts keep peoples attention
  2. —Informational – content rich presentations get shared
  3. —Short – no one likes an overly long presentation

If at the top of the page you selected the slidecast – you have now seen SlideShare in action.  I basically put this same blog into a presentation deck.  It’s a quick and effective way to deliver a lot of content in a visual way.  To check out how it’s being used, I’ve included some examples below from an author, a book marketer, and my own Author Overview that I created in Powerpoint and uploaded in one night.  My simple author overview slideshare has already received 94 views in just over 3 weeks.

SlideShare has a basic, free version as well as a more advanced Pro version.  Once you upload your first presentation or file for conversion into a slideshare, you can connect with your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts so that they can follow you.   You can also bring in your Twitter feed and other useful social media tools for following and sharing what you post.  The slidecasts that you create can also be embedded into websites, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. Just think — you could market each book, promote yourself as a thought leader in the community, create an interesting visual as part of your media kit, add something new to your website, or just help your content go viral.

Start presenting yourself to the world!

Authors Using SlideShare_blog


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