~Signs~ All Around Us

Signs coverYesterday I released a new book titled Signs ~ A Collection of Short Stories.  And I am wondering with this new release if I will get any questions . . .

One thing I noticed when I released my first novel, The Dating Intervention, was how closely people I knew looked at the book and tried to decipher who was who, what really happened to me, did so-and-so really say that, etc.  Looking for signs. .  . The book was based off something that did happen to me in real life – being a single mother of two, going through a bad break up, and the person I loved leaving the country to pursue a career leaving me to think what to do next?  Well, in real life, I chose to write – and they say when you are starting off, write what you know.  So I did – but I took the basis of “my story” and fictionalized it – creating a new world of characters, how the two lovers met and ended, bad blind dates, the place where the main character worked and her co-workers , friends she knew, family dynamics, and what she chose to do to change her life and pursue what she wanted.  When it was done – there was very little left of me accept the conflict.  But, from the outside looking in, people continued to question . . .

My second book was a little easier.  Cursed is a paranormal romance and has been described by many bloggers and reviewers as a beauty and the beast type tale.  No one asked me if I lived in the South End of Boston, if I knew a witch, or if I was reincarnated. (or maybe they are asking these questions behind my back?)  The point is – it was far enough away from me that it didn’t open the same type of questioning.

Now this weekend, I’ve launched a short story collection.  The collection features a previously released short titled Daydreams which had been selected for an anthology in early 2012, as well as eight shorts.  All told, its a ~20K word collection so much shorter in length than the novels I have written which tend to be in the 70-80K range.  This is a little different because its a hodgepodge of stories, short personal vignette’s of every day life.  But it may get friends and family wondering again if they are missing something . . . missing a sign . . .

The one story that is me, all me, and really happened is Illuminated.  I wrote it last June as Fathers Day approached and a memory from childhood kept resurfacing.  I felt the memory was asking to be captured so I did.  But, I will be clear here on the rest – I never lived next door to a man named Jack, or hit a child with my car.  I do not know sign language, been beat up,  or worked on the docks.  My cat has never accepted my dog and I am happy to say my mom is still alive and well.

Happy reading!


About Lynn Ricci

A mother, author, artist and lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and the beach.
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