A Buzz is in the Air . . . . Part 2


As an author – and I assume true of most authors – what we really want is for people to read our books and enjoy them.  Second to that, and to support our first desire, we want to create enough buzz about our books to make them go viral.  “Going viral” is word of mouth marketing but includes the power of posts on the internet.

I think the bee is a perfect example for this going viral phenomenon because it’s about happy readers pollinating other readers with the idea that they should buy and read this book.  Sometimes its just word of mouth that can help an author get going because its really like that old Faberge Organics commercial from the late 70’s  –  if you tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on . . . If you are too young to remember the commercial – here it is: Faberge commercial. And, its funny, but their claim was the wheat germ and honey in the shampoo (get it . . .the bees . . . ).

I have had people come back to me after reading one of my books and say they enjoyed it – or they really related to the bad blind dates (The Dating Intervention), or loved the beauty and the beast feel to the story (Cursed).  Sometimes they will follow up with, “you must be doing well with the books,” or, “how are you promoting them so people know to read them?” Well, dear reader, that’s where you can help . . . help generate buzz.

What every author wants, hopes for, and counts on is happy readers generating buzz.  The funny thing is readers do not always understand how important their role is in generating that buzz.  It’s not all about books signings, and interviews, and guest blog posts (although those are all important for creating buzz, too) but it’s the people that have already read the book, and liked the book, that should become your army of buzz-makers. I have a few FB friends who consistently promote (thank you!) and I know I have gained readers that way – but its those readers that should promote to people I don’t know that will help with the buzz.  The more they talk it up, pass it along and get out there with positive recommendations, the more people will hear about it and perhaps even read the book, and do the same.  Just like that shampoo commercial.

So, the next time you read a book you like, any book not just mine, write a review on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel or Goodreads.  Share with your friends on Facebook.  Follow that author on their fan pages.

It’s you, the reader, who can create the real buzz so get buzzing!


About Lynn Ricci

A mother, author, artist and lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and the beach.
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