Radio as a Communications Channel for Authors


As authors, we are always looking to spread the word about our books.  Social media and networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Tumbler, Pinterest and the like, are the communication channels of choice.  We maintain a number of platforms such as blogs, websites, author pages to be visible too.  But we don’t just live in the virtual world – we also seek interactions with the reader at book signing events and launch parties.  The more traditional marketing methods of print, television and radio fall off dramatically – but are not dead.

Last weekend, I appeared on a local radio station in the Boston area – Fireside on the Money Matters radio network.  It was a small studio in Needham, just next door to Channel 5, and although I wasn’t sure how I could talk for 45 minutes and be of any interest to the listeners I found it to be a great way to get in front of a large audience, market my books, but also build some of my personal brand as well.  The interview was fun and easy – led my Nancy Mulvihill with Jim Callahan and Joe Mangiacotti.  Lighthearted, fun, fast – the time flew by and we covered a lot of ground. And, I found that I had a lot of website hits and a few new Facebook likes out of the morning!

Also on air that morning were two local psychics – one of which told me I had a detective novel in my future.  Not sure about that . . . although she seemed convinced! Listen to the podcast of the show (start around 28.20) and let me know if you agree with Raven!

Authors should explore their local stations as a great resource to promote your books, build your brand, and make some great connections – and if you are in the Boston area I would be happy to connect you with this old time radio team that invites a variety of guests on their Saturday morning talk show.


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3 Responses to Radio as a Communications Channel for Authors

  1. This is something that I would love to do, but have always been afraid to ask.

    • Lynn Ricci says:

      I believe a lot of these talk radio stations enjoy getting people on air to talk about books and the subjects related to them – it opens up the conversation to many topics. it was not a full 45 minute promo of the book but touched upon subjects as diverse as Boston history, dating, self publishing, reincarnation, and others. Give it a shot David!

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