Night Owl Review of Signs

ImageI was very pleased to see a review of my short story collection Signs last night after returning from dinner with a friend.  It was a nice surprise since the book was released in March.  I had received positive feedback on the collection, and the featured short story had been selected for an anthology when first released, but as to be expected, the short story collection had not garnered the same level of interest as my novels.

The review is below and I was happy to realize in reading it that the reviewer saw the common thread that I wove through while writing and selecting these short stories – and that it rang true for someone else. 

ImageSigns~ A Collection of Short Stories

“The book Signs is truly philosophical and although the stories are short they are full with real life events and let you know that life is not only filled with negatives but there are a lot of positives as well. Some of the stories also show that life is worth cherishing and not only when your loved one is on death’s bed that you should now remember the good moments of days gone by. Read each story and take in the signs that are emanating, from a girl cherishing the presence of a father in her younger years to now seeing him on death’s bed to a young man falling in love with an Asian girl only to find out that she is only supposed to date her kind.

This book offers a great insight on how one cannot predict what life has to offer.”


ImageBook Blurb for Signs

This collection of short stories focuses on small snapshots of life. They are a hodgepodge of stories – sad, joyous, surprising, uplifting, and about acceptance. The tie across the collection are the signs.

Signs can be physical or emotional; they can be seen through body language or printed in black and white. Sometimes they are not what they appear to be or are completely missed. Hopefully a few of these stories will make the reader think twice, for we should always be aware of signs.


About Lynn Ricci

A mother, author, artist and lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and the beach.
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