The Ultimate Dating Intervention

Thumbnail of Final Front Cover Something struck me last night while I sat down to unwind and watch tv, and I couldn’t help but think I am not the only one that would feel this way:  they should have a Bachelorette for 40-somethings.

I have seen that reality show on occasion as I flip through the channels but have never actively followed it.  Why?  Well, when you put a bunch of good looking, young, single people together they are bound to have some romance in the air – and of course the drama (I wonder how many watch for the drama that unfolds behind the scenes?).  Those same people would do just as well in a the gym, their workplace, a hot night spot, or anywhere — why?  Because they have youth on their side and don’t have the same challenges as a divorced middle-aged woman with children, career pressures, children’s activities competing for time and attention, and the general life responsibilities that come with age.

In The Dating Intervention, a contemporary romance released in 2012, I explored some of the challenges woman face and sometimes get stuck in – to the point where the fictional main character’s friends need to stage an intervention to force her back out into the dating scene.  She quickly finds the dating pool has become a puddle as there are fewer good men available.  Which leads me back to the Bachelorette.

How many viewers would that reality show get it it were more realistic?  Give a middle-aged woman a chance to find love in between soccer practice, errands, and work with some nice, grounded guys with some gray at their temples?  Now that is something I might put the remote control down for.



About Lynn Ricci

A mother, author, artist and lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and the beach.
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