Writing on the Porch – Pantser vs. Planner

747main front porchI am lucky enough to be on a two week vacation in my favorite seaside village of Chatham, MA. Unfortunately I am in the second week of the vacation – but we have had glorious weather, numerous beach trips, family down for the Fourth of July, and now this week I am finding myself out on the front porch in the early mornings while the family is still asleep enjoying my coffee and quiet time to write.

The novel was at a tricky part when I last left it — way too many months ago — but now coming at it with a fresh eye, I was able to re-read and “fix” the first completed third and start writing the mid-section where the story takes hold.  I am what is called a Pantser – I write by the seat of my pants – no outline, no careful plotting and character builds, I just plow ahead and watch the story unfold in my mind and try to get my fingers to keep up on the keyboard.  And, sometimes inner movie goes dark and I take a break.  This is contrary to my general personality since I am more of a planner, organizer, Type A kind of gal – but creatively, this style of writing as my mind wanders works better for me and I get to be surprised by how the book ends as well!

The current novel is a contemporary romance called Matchless. What’s it about?  Well, the book blurb would be:  When a suitable date is needed for a big family event, and to avoid her grandmothers endless, horrid suggestions, Missy Bainbridge turns to online dating to quickly find a match. Without knowing how to attract a different sort of man then the free spirits she typically dates, she turns to the annoyingly stuffy businessman she shares her morning train commute with for guidance. What she doesn’t realize is she is helping him instead. 

I wonder how many writers find that the style in which they approach their writing mirrors their general personality or, like me, it goes in the complete opposite direction?


About Lynn Ricci

A mother, author, artist and lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and the beach.
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