Creating an iMovie Book Trailer – Cursed, a Paranormal Romance

One thing I love about going to the movies are the movie trailers. I am disappointed if I am not there in time to see them. I hold my candy in anticipation for the big event of the movie – but I lean back and get sneak peeks into movies that are in the works and decide which I might want to see.

It’s no wonder, then, why I was immediately attracted to book trailers. I had one professionally done for my book The Dating Intervention and the woman I worked with  – Lauren Barnak – did a wonderful job capturing what I had in mind. I wanted to produce one for my second novel, Cursed, but had not done one yet. I had made a promo loop in PowerPoint consisting of four slides that could be turned into a movie but it was blurry and not very professional. Cursed 500x750

Over the weekend I was playing on my Mac laptop that I use for work and found a way to make an iMovie. Not only that, but the Mac had great templates you can use to make a fairly professional video with little experience. If you are an author, have a Mac, and never gave making your own book trailer a whirl I would strongly suggest it! It’s fairly simple:

  • Find iMovie and open
  • Select movie or trailer templates
  • Click on each template to see design and hear preset music.
  • Import the photos you want to use into the photo library.
  • Simply plug in photos by selecting where along the story board you want to show each, and when the photo square is highlighted, select the photo above by clicking on it. The tempo/length of the view is preset against the music.
  • You can go in and manipulate the photos to change coloring to B&W or a bunch of other tones. You can also select how each photo is shown by selecting the crop button and moving the start and end of the spans.
  • Type in on the designated lines what you want to show on the screen as part of your storyboard.
  • Hit play and you have a movie trailer!

It worked, but wasn’t great the first time around. After changing the flow of pictures, and reducing text to quick readable bites, it became a good workable trailer that I am quite pleased with.  Check it out!

The question is: will it help get people interested in purchasing my book by seeing visuals? (Like the movie trailers in the theaters make you want to see a movie) I hope so, but would love to hear your feedback or other people’s experiences with creating or marketing with book trailers.


About Lynn Ricci

A mother, author, artist and lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and the beach.
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