As a writer, do you forget what you’ve written?

IMG_7698It’s Saturday morning. And, as I typically do while the house is asleep, I drink coffee on the couch with my springer spaniel, Fenway, on his end and me on mine . . . and surf.  I start on Facebook, maybe jump to LinkedIn or Twitter, check my Etsy page, maybe take a look at other artists work and think about paintings I’d like to do if I had the time, update my art website or my mother’s real estate website . . . and then just surf around.  I find I get a lot of creative ideas during this time.

This morning during my quiet creative thought stream time, I went looking for a work in process (WIP) that I had . . . and I came across another, older WIP that I had almost forgotten about.  Why? I think it was an idea I might have had one Saturday morning and just started writing, then filed and never opened it again.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) I get ideas that I want to pursue on Saturday mornings and am not always able to follow through.  Other times I go in search of one of these ideas . . . and get sidetracked with another.


Violet was started, according to my file date, a few years ago.  I started reading the first paragraph and actually wondered, “did I write this?” It was such a fun feeling reading and enjoying the intro of the characters and wishing, when it ended, that I had written more.  I remembered the second scene more clearly as I read, and knew it was setting up something very clever that I had already figured out when I started writing the story . . . but its only fuzzy right now.  It will come back, I’m sure, and I have a feeling when it does I will pick this story up again. The problem is, I don’t remember now what I was originally looking for this morning.  Oh well.

I invite you to read the first 2,000 words . . . I’d love to hear if you think I should continue. Or if you ever find your own work and read it like it’s something new.


About Lynn Ricci

A mother, author, artist and lover of dark chocolate, coffee, and the beach.
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