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The Secret to Balancing Writing and Family

We all want to know the secret, as we hear cries from the next room of “what’s for dinner?” Or take a quick break and pass the unavoidable pile of laundry that seems to be multiplying in the baskets like … Continue reading

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Wine-fueled Fodder for Your Writing

Hanging out with your girlfriends – whether for wine on the porch, with bottled water on the grass at the soccer field, or making a whole weekend of it – offers fodder for writing. The laughs, the stories, and the wicked secrets that come out after one too many glasses of wine . . . Continue reading

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Creating an iMovie Book Trailer – Cursed, a Paranormal Romance

One thing I love about going to the movies are the movie trailers. I am disappointed if I am not there in time to see them. I hold my candy in anticipation for the big event of the movie – … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Dating Intervention

Something struck me last night while I sat down to unwind and watch tv, and I couldn’t help but think I am not the only one that would feel this way:  they should have a Bachelorette for 40-somethings. I have … Continue reading

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Does a Creative Mind Have Internal Competition?

Recently, I took my family down to Cape Cod for our annual summer vacation.  The Lower Cape is a magnificent piece of New England with miles and miles of beaches that are not overrun by hotels, quaint seaside villages and … Continue reading

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A Romanceaholic’s View on Valentine’s Day

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, and being a writer of romances, I stopped to think about the different types of novels out there for the romance reader.  Jane Austen is often considered the quintessence of the genre, but today it’s … Continue reading

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Meme Me!

I guess I have been living in a cave.  You may know exactly what the term “meme” means – but I’ve been scratching my head at the increasing mentions on online forums, Facebook group pages, and the random blog.   Memes … Continue reading

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