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As a writer, do you forget what you’ve written?

It’s Saturday morning. And, as I typically do while the house is asleep, I drink coffee on the couch with my springer spaniel, Fenway, on his end and me on mine . . . and surf.  I start on Facebook, … Continue reading

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The Secret to Balancing Writing and Family

We all want to know the secret, as we hear cries from the next room of “what’s for dinner?” Or take a quick break and pass the unavoidable pile of laundry that seems to be multiplying in the baskets like … Continue reading

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Wine-fueled Fodder for Your Writing

Hanging out with your girlfriends – whether for wine on the porch, with bottled water on the grass at the soccer field, or making a whole weekend of it – offers fodder for writing. The laughs, the stories, and the wicked secrets that come out after one too many glasses of wine . . . Continue reading

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“. . . a book to be savored.”

I have a bad habit.  I’ve tried to break it several times but its so easy to slip back into it . . .  I plug my mobile phone in next to my bed at night.  I am one of … Continue reading

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Do You Decide Setting Based on Where You Know or Where you Want To Go?

I have a bit of wanderlust.  Always have since I was very young and would read books set in far away lands.  I would love to travel the world – but I would settle for Europe.  Partly, because that was … Continue reading

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Does a Creative Mind Have Internal Competition?

Recently, I took my family down to Cape Cod for our annual summer vacation.  The Lower Cape is a magnificent piece of New England with miles and miles of beaches that are not overrun by hotels, quaint seaside villages and … Continue reading

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I May Not Be Your Cup Of Tea . . . But That’s Okay

There are many reasons writers write.  Some because they are driven to – they cannot help themselves – it’s part of them as much as their need to eat or breathe. There are others who do so passionately; it may … Continue reading

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